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For countries outside EU, all taxes are to be paid to the local authorities when receiving of the goods.

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Be amazed with our cool sustainable clothes!

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Spice your Home!

With our unique home decoration nothing can go wrong!

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Organic statement

Choose organic for your body and soul, made in Sweden and in Europe for your well being and for our environment.



To a designer with a mission

My biggest passion is (of course) to design and create things that make our world even more beautiful than it is. And to make you confident, beautiful, comfortable and aware. You also find some magic, since I believe you can add a little sparkle to your spirituality ;-)

I started this company 12 years ago with an intention to make the world sustainable. I choose quality before price and I know my designs produces by proud people in Europe and that all workers get a decent salary for their work. 

I am so happy and grateful that you found me, and I do hope you will find your new you! You were born unique, and for me it's really important that you (and I) keep your uniqueness. That's why I only make the items in limited editions so you can keep your originality. 


Gunilla - the Designer

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